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Here at IEL we offer clients flexible payment systems. The client can decide whether to be charged per hour or per job. Minimum charge for any job is 800/-

Desktop/Laptop General service/maintenance - Ksh. 1000/- or per hour.
Printer servicing -Ksh. 1500/-
Data recovery - Ksh. Depends on amount of data or charges can be per hour.
Network Setup - Ksh. 10,000 (Includes routers & switches)
Network trouble shooting - Charged at hourly rate or Nature of problem.
Virus removal - Hourly rate of 800/-
Server setup & Maintenance - Ksh. 12,000/-
Annual Maintenance Service - Depends on number of machines to be serviced

Other labour intensive jobs are charged at an hourly rate of 800/-. But dont worry we will only charge for the first 10 hours, If the job takes alot of time.

Service not listed here?
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