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Wired / Wireless Networking
Are you looking to add an additional computer to your home or company?  Or maybe add wireless functionality to your home or company so you can take your laptop anywhere?
If you have high speed internet you can add a router to share your internet connection with all of your computers.  We can install a network in your home or company  in almost no time at all.  Not only can we share your connection, but also setup file and printer sharing for all of your networked computers.

We are experts are wireless networking.  We can setup any type of wireless network.  From a basic home wireless network to a multiple hotspot wireless we can do it all.  We will also ensure that your network is as secure as possible.  We always use the highest encryption available and can adjust the security features of your router to achieve the highest level of security possible.

As wireless networks have become more and more popular, proper security protocols are now crucial to protect your company's network and data. Apawintech can provide an analysis of your current wireless program, then recommend and deploy security measures to protect your
organization's digital assets.

Server/Workstation Support
Servers and workstations already cost a great deal of time and money to purchase and deploy. Keeping these valuable business assets running smoothly shouldn't cost a second fortune. For this reason,Apawintech provides cost-effective IT outsourcing services for business of all sizes. We support both Windows and Linux operating systems. 
LAN/WAN Infrastructure
If your business has grown to have several remote locations, you already know the vital importance of LANs and WANs. Like our workstation outsourcing, Apawintech provides contact management to ensure that your network is secure and productivity is high for your company.

Network Security
Policies and groups are very behind the scenes. Unless you are the administrator of your network, you may not know what kind of security has been put into place. You may decide to have our personnel simply look over your security to ensure there isn't anything missing. We can also provide security scans of your network to ensure there are no backdoors or holes in your network.

Firewall Solutions
A firewall is today's frontline of defense for a business' private network. Simply put, it's important to keep people out of your network. Without it, you might as well leave the front door of your office unlocked 24 hours a day. For simplicity, we implement turn-key and open-source firewalls with proven track-records for reliability.